Nature's Paradise in Autumn
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Nature's Paradise in Autumn

Cyprus is paradise in autumn. The beauty of falling leaves in shades of green and brown; the captivating scent of colourful wild flowers; the calming sound of streams flowing down the hills; the light breeze gently brushing your face - all blending together to create an unparalleled experience for nature lovers!


There’s no better way to squeeze the best out of the island’s autumn beauty than hiking through its nature trails and discovering its treasures.  Cyprus dazzles with hillside trails and rugged terrain just begging to be explored!


Get your hiking boots on and head off to the ‎Troodos mountains. Explore the Asinou–Agios Theodoros trail, which begins at the Byzantine Panagia Forviotissa church, or reach the highest peak at Mount Olympus on the Artemis Trail. In Pafos, the wild Akamas Peninsula is prime hiking territory if majestic views are what you’re after, soaking in panoramas of the peninsula’s jagged shoreline as it bites into the blue sea. Cyprus can take you in a day from the sea shore to the mountain flanks with its wild beauty leaving you wanting for more!


Whether you are a skilled hiker looking for challenging routes, rough terrains and thrilling experiences, or an adventurous traveller seeking to try out new and exciting activities, you will surely find the trail you’re looking for in the Troodos mountains.  Let your senses take in the crystal clear waterfalls, scents of pine forests, the rare beauty of trees and plants that grow in this peaceful area, and the calming chirping of birds – all making you feel one with nature in an environment so diverse from your everyday life in the city.


If you are looking for an easier route to take, try the circular Artemis trail, named after the Greek goddess, Artemis - protector of wildlife, forests and mountains.  With a length of around seven kilometres, this trail is mostly flat and easy to walk.  Explore the ruins of historic fortifications built during the Venetian occupation of Cyprus while on the trail, built as a defence against the Ottomans, who would later become the next conquerors of the island.



If you’re after a challenging hiking experience, attempt the linear Asinou – Ayios Theodoros trail, where sudden uphills and downhills blend together with narrow and rough paths, to create an exciting route for the eager hiker! The remarkable Panagia Forviotissa church serves as a starting point for this trail - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, small and humble but richly decorated with extraordinary murals of outstanding universal value!


If you’re a tough trekker, look no further for the ultimate hiking experience!  Explore the Adonis trail, a circular nature trail in the Akamas peninsula, taking you from uphills to downhills, from narrow and slippery paths to rough and steep ground! Starting at the Baths of Aphrodite, a heavenly little caved pond of natural springs surrounded by idyllic trees and flowers, the Adonis trail goes past the ruins of Pyrgos tis Rigainas (Queens Tower), which used to be a medieval monastery, with its impressive 100-year-old oak tree that stands proudly next to the ruins! Walking through the western part of Adonis trail, you will be amazed by the unique panoramic views of the renowned Lara beach and other stunning beaches of the Akamas peninsula.


One thing’s for sure:  whichever adventure you chose this autumn, you’ll be living a one-of-a-kind experience of colours, natural beauty, unparalleled landscapes and awe-inspiring views that Cyprus has to offer!

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